Writing a summary video for kids

How To Write a Nonfiction Summary Posted on January 24th, jean 8 comments While this is aimed at those nonfiction writers out there, this can also help out fiction writers. Before going out on submission that means before my agent began sending my nonfiction book proposal out to publishing house editors he asked me to write up a summary of my project.

Writing a summary video for kids

Of all the ancient American civilizations, the Maya developed one of the most advanced systems of writing and numbers. They also used a complex system of calendars to track both time and religious ceremonies.

Writing The Maya used an advanced form of writing called hieroglyphics. Their writing looks similar to the ancient Egyptiansbut is actually quite different. In Mayan hieroglyphics, they used symbols also called glyphs to represent words, sounds, or objects.

By putting several glyphs together the Maya wrote sentences and told stories. Only the wealthy Maya became priests and learned to read and write.

They wrote on long sheets of paper made from bark or leather. These sheets were folded up like an accordion to make books. A Maya book is called a codex or codices for more than one.

Numbers The Maya used a number system with the base number of 20 we use a base number system. They wrote numbers using a system of bars and dots. A bar represented the number 5.

Every 5 numbers they added another bar. The number zero was written with a symbol that looked like a shell. See below for an example of how the Maya wrote the numbers 0 to Maya Numbers by Ducksters Calendar The Maya had two kinds of calendars, a religious calendar called the Tzolk'in and a solar calendar called the Haab'.

Every 52 years the two calendars would start on the same day. All the fires throughout their households would be put out and they would throw away all their clay utensils.

It was a time of renewal and new beginnings. The solar calendar, or Haab', had 18 months of 20 days each.

There were five extra "unlucky" days in the 19th month to get to total of days in a year. They numbered the days in the month from 0 to Here is a list of the 19 Maya months in the Haab' calendar:Kids Writing Library Collection of your class writing; Search Resources.

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writing a summary video for kids

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