Thesis rtfm hooks

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Thesis rtfm hooks

The information on this page refers to a Thesis version that is now obsolete.

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Hooks are the key to making just about any customization you want to Thesis and, ultimately, to WordPress. Thesis features a simple hook system that is essentially an API —a set of basic commands that you can use to add to, subtract from, and modify the functionality of your Thesis installation.

Without question, this is the most powerful and efficient way to run your site with the Thesis WordPress framework. Using the Thesis Hook System More than likely, your preferred use of hooks will be to insert your own custom bits of HTML into specific locations around the theme.

Hook Commands Hooks run whatever functions you tell them to run, so ultimately, working with them is a pretty straightforward process.

Thesis rtfm hooks

In order to run a second or third, or fourth, etc. By default, Thesis uses hooks to position both the nav menu and the header, as seen in launch. In order to solve this problem, all we have to do is move the nav menu to a hook that exists immediately beneath the header… But which hook will we use for that?

Generally, most Thesis hooks exist in pairs, as seen in the hook reference list. For instance, there are two hooks surrounding the header: However, in this case, we actually need to figure out a way to create a sidebar widget containing a list of our most recent popular posts, and then we have to hook that widget into place atop Sidebar 2.

All we need to do is wrap the function call above inside a new, parameter-less container function, and then we can hook this new function into place.59 Thesis Theme resources to help you customize your WordPress blog.

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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by sookie, Jun 8, Hi I am getting [client ] The The "add_to_cart_fragments" hook uses out of date data structures and function is deprecated since version New to customizing Thesis for WP so things are going slow.

I was wondering if there is a hook for removing the rss subscribe on menu li? Trying to put this in footer. Thanks. Oct 31,  · Thesis (WordPress theme) What is the best way (that is - cost effective and technically simple) to host a WordPress-based website that will load fast in mainland China?

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If there's a lack of hooks to review, that's a good thing, but if there's an actual shortage of hooks, then there's nothing to stop users from reviewing a hook that's already been reviewed - the more people who check out an article, the better.

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