The kitchen revolution brought on by the microwave

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The kitchen revolution brought on by the microwave

Everyday someone comes out with a new product or design that the advertisers insist you absolutely need. Appliance technology is always being improved and that new improvement also comes with a new swanky look. Retro kitchens are back for a timeless kitchen.

Every room of the house is vulnerable to the remodeling craze but the kitchen is the most susceptible. Kitchen remodeling is the most expensive and remodeled part of the house. It is the one room of your house that will also increase the value of your home and most of the investment will be recouped when sold.

Additionally, dated kitchens do not sell a house. Potential buyers are hesitant about the additional expense.

… As Far as the Eye Can See.

Because they feel they have to! Outdated kitchens have a dingy, unpleasant feeling. They are usually remodeled every 20 years or so. This cycle keeps the home improvement businesses making money while the cost can weigh heavy on the homeowner.

Keeping up the resale value creates a sacrifice of vacations and other places this money could be used.

But what if I told you that periodic kitchen remodeling was an expense you would never have to deal with? You could save a ton of money, help protect the environment, not add to landfills, and have a beautiful timeless kitchen that will last forever. The short answer is to match your kitchen to the period and style of the architecture of the house.

Once your kitchen is brought back to the age of your house it will remain a timeless classic. It will be cool, interesting, and fun, as a result your guests will remember it and tell others about it — believe me.

The goal here is to make your kitchen interesting. Photo credit — William Wright and Old House Journal When someone visits your home an interesting kitchen will stick in their mind.

It can be classic and timeless or trendy. If it is trendy with the latest colors and high-tech appliances like out of a decorating magazine, your guests will be impressed but this is not what you want because in 20 years you will relive the expense of another remodel. A vintage restored kitchen is classic and will surely impress your guests and will last a lifetime.

The money you would spend periodically can be used for something else. The timeless kitchen should be true to the period and style of the architecture. When you see the outside of your house, your inner senses sets you up to expect an interior that relates to the exterior.

You may not think so but your mind does. If your house is traditional and your interior is modern, this creates an internal mental conflict. Your mind experiences the same problem if the exterior and interior match but the kitchen does not.

The best way to achieve a timeless kitchen is to restore your kitchen to the date of your house. Yes this is the extreme and great if you are a purist. For those that cannot do a full restoration there are other options. Remember though that this 19th century kitchen experienced an evolution of remodeling just as kitchens today so you may be best choosing a later period.

Old House Guy timeless kitchen. Existing cabinets cut out for glass. Floor is painted wood. Kitchens built during the early to mid 20th century are relatively easy to restore.

Wait another 10 years or so until the style can become classic. Another option is to follow the style of the house. If it is Colonial try to make the kitchen more true to the style and period.

To do this right you need to hide anything contemporary and show off the period items To accomplish a timeless kitchen one thing you must never ever do is to create an open kitchen floor plan.

This material differs depending on the period of your kitchen and cannot all be explained here or I would be writing a book for each decade of kitchens.

Unless they are antiques, they are sure to date your kitchen. Get a reproduction refrigerator, hide it behind a false front or make your refrigerator look like an antique icebox with our DIY instructions.A reader writes: We have an employee at work who has been bringing in some pungent food and heating it up in the microwave oven.

I have received a complaint or two about the smell, and a number of vendors who’ve come to . Neoflam CLOC Glass Food Storage Container. Plastic food storage is making way for the glass revolution!

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The kitchen revolution brought on by the microwave

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