Thanksgiving writing activities for grade 3

About This Unit Overview The focus of The First Thanksgiving for students at this level is to explore the Pilgrims' and Wampanoags' experiences, actions, and decisions as they relate to the settlement of Plimoth colony.

Thanksgiving writing activities for grade 3

Some of the topics covered are: Players can test their knowledge on the quiz and game. Identifying Adjectives — A game that first explains what adjectives are then provides a game and quiz.

To earn points in this game, players click on the robot that is holding the verb. The first kitten to reach home wins in this multi-player game. The target word appears on the frog, with the word category underneath defining the relationship to be matched. Single player game provides focused practice.

Identifying the Parts of Speech — Word Invasion provides practice in the parts of speech. Jellyfish with words on them drift toward the octopus at the bottom. Word types are placed on the octopus—activate the fire beam to destroy the matching word.

Correct answers power the turtle to the finish line! Practice Spelling — Coconut Vowels provides practice in spelling. Coconuts with words in them fall to the beach. The student must match missing letters to the correct word on the coconut. Parts of a Letter — Students learn the parts of a letter in the lesson then practice writing their own.

The practice is guided and ends with an option to print!! Verb Usage — Students help the bees find flowers on the Smartboard by choosing the correct verb to complete the sentences. Immediate reinforcement will keep students interested.

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Use this game to support your ELA verb Lesson! Practice Spelling and Vocabulary — Word Bubbles gives students three beginning letters. They must type in words that begin with those letters in a race against the clock. Root Words — This interactive game lets students practice identifying the root words.

Students can select various levels of difficulty. Some subjects include cells, history, dinosaurs, world cities, and countries.

Word Plurals — Two cats provide the interactive fun in this Smartboard grammar lesson and game. Students help them get their friends out of the bubble machine by choosing the correct plural form of the given word.

thanksgiving writing activities for grade 3

Various difficulty levels are provided. Parts of Speech Tutorial — Students watch a tutorial on the parts of speech. Grammar practice is fun and interactive as students choose an object, its features, and its actions. Great way to illustrate the parts of speech!

Grammar Tutorial — Players create their own character using the parts of speech. Commas — Fun game provides practice in placing punctuation in sentences.

Players first click on the moving punctuation mark then they click on the place in the sentence where the mark goes.

Vocabulary Practice — These word search puzzles can be played online or printed to play away from the computer. Four levels of play are provided along with vocabulary from several popular books and stories.

Idioms Game — Students learn the meaning of idioms while painting a picture with each correct answer. Several different themes and game options make this game appropriate for various grades. Spelling Smartboard Game — Players enter the missing letter for the spelling word shown. A correct response inches your animal closer to the finish line.

An incorrect response allow the other animals to inch closer to the finish line. Students will like the action in this game.The First Thanksgiving Teaching Guide: Grades 6–8.

thanksgiving writing activities for grade 3

Through these lesson plans and The First Thanksgiving online activity, students will explore the relationship between the Pilgrims and Wampanoag, including their experiences, actions, and decisions .

Activities for Practicing Alphabetical Order. You and your child can play games to practice putting words in alphabetical or ABC order.

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3rd Grade Activities. Third grade activities are exciting and educational. Kids in third grade are more mature and confident than before. As a result, our activities for .


Thanksgiving Worksheets and Printables. Thanksgiving worksheets help your child learn about the origins of the holiday! Kids will be able to explore the history of Thanksgiving through coloring pages and reading exercises.

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