Supply chain business intelligence technologies issues

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Supply chain business intelligence technologies issues

Close Major Issues Facing Supply Chain Managers What are the major issues facing supply chain managers and how does it affect the companies they work for? Supply chain managers face issues on a daily basis which require direct attention and quick response.

With supply chain being at the core of business operations, these issues can directly affect the company in substantial ways.

Here are some of the bigger issues that affect supply chain managers.

Supply chain business intelligence technologies issues

Managing Inventory Image Credit: Axisadman Managing inventory goes beyond counting how many boxes are sitting in your warehouse. Keeping enough inventory on hand so that all customer and client expectations are met. Appropriate timing prevents delays. Appropriate quantity prevents insufficient inventory while reducing effect on profits.

Managing Suppliers Along with managing inventory comes managing suppliers. Supply chain managers are responsible for knowing how many suppliers are needed, how to handle delays, and how orders are received.

Each step requires thought and a process that suits the business. Maintaining Safety and Quality Image Credit: Jonathan Warner The globalization of supply chain brings concerns about the quality of products that are made in other countries.

Particularly when components of a product need to meet regulatory standards. This puts companies at risk of recalls. This means that supply chain managers are responsible for ensuring suppliers and their products maintain safety and quality standards.

Business Intelligence in the Supply Chain - Inbound Logistics Forrest Burnson In the span of two decades, Amazon has gone from a lowly online bookseller to the most formidable and dominant force in retail. While it could take time for these innovations to trickle down to the SMB front, they all present competitive challenges and opportunities on the horizon.

Conclusion Supply chain managers have a complex job. They factor in all the risks along their supply chain, ensure the company has the supplies it needs when it needs them.iVISION Visibility & Collaboration Solution: HCL’s iVISION solution provides visibility across the supply chain, seamlessly collecting information to provide actionable intelligence.

Coupled with unified communications and collaborative technologies, it enhances collaboration for quicker resolution of issues. Critical Management Issues for Implementing RFID in Supply Chain Management several decades, the technology for supply chain management is still emerging. Several barriers related to cost, global standards, system integration, information technology (IT) Critical management issues for implementing RFID Intelligent Supply Resources White Paper: Supply Chain’s New World Order How companies can leverage the cloud for predictive and actionable supply network operations, integrated financial measurement, and integrated business planning.

Companies can apply this technology, Gartner concludes, to solve or mitigate supply chain challenges. Escalating security threats As tech supply chains become more intertwined, penetrate new markets, and depend more heavily on the IoT connecting and interacting with the traditional Internet, the threat of cyber-security breaches and malicious threats grows.

With business intelligence and analytics designed for Supply Chain Management, you get the insight you need to understand and shape performance from beginning to end.

Deliver overall performance measurement to executives. Supply chain management systems are integrated partnerships among all links in the flow of goods and services to the customer. They are created for the purpose of improving quality, reducing costs.

Major Issues Facing Supply Chain Managers and How to Mitigate Them