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Mr corey stamco

A Landmark Sales Year for the Record Industry Continued from page 12 of manufacturingIps and jackets in advance, and having them on the floor before releasing an album by a top star, is now SOP for all manufacturers, but was revolutionary back in the s.

Today however, it isn't only one album a year that becomes a giant seller, it's many. In fact, last year there were five to 10 albums that were multi -million sellers. The extent to which the industry expanded during the past few years is evident from the growth of gold and platinum Ip awards by Just a half dozen years ago soundtrack albums were looked upon by record companies like one looks upon the plague.

There were more bomb soundtrack albums than you could count, and record companies refused to bid on them. If they had to take them they wouldn't work on them very hard.

But things began to happen in Hollywood that changed all that. New executives took over the studios, executives with a fresher, younger outlook.

New producers and new directors who cared about and listened to pop music became the movie makers. Firstly, it was when the RIAA members decided that gold records were no longer a sufficient award in the light of the tremendous sales being chalked up by albums and singles in the mid -'70s.

So the RIAA introduced a new award, the platinum record. Soundtrack albums, like the movies they came from, began to tap the market that loved contemporary pop music, and soundtrack albums started selling again.

Started selling is an understatement; they became smash hits. The first year the platinum award was given, inthere were 37 albums that qualified for the award. Then inthere was a bonanza of platinum awards. Albums winning platinum awards totaled 68!

This is a truly staggering figure. And we already know that many of these albums sold five and ten times platinum. The entire record industry didn't sell this many albums ten years ago. Hollywood has relearned that if you give the public what it wants the box-office booms.

Hollywood has also relearned how much the music can sell a picture. The three million sales of the single and innumerable airplay were constant advertisements for the movie.

Mr corey stamco

The hit song from the album, "Evergreen," by Streisand and Williams, certainly helped the movie box office. In case anyone thought the soundtrack surge surge was a fluke, in mid -May a story ran in Record World the contained the following: Hot Soundtracks One of the most exciting aspects of the past year was the surge in sales of soundtrack albums.

A Landmark Sales Year for the Record Industry Continued from page 14 Soundtrack albums account for a full ten percent of the top this week, the first time that music from film has had as significant an impact since the rock explosion of the early sixties.

Pressing Problems Until last year the amount of record pressing facilities in the United States seemed ample for any emergency. In fact many industry observers felt that pressing plants had been overbuilt. Last year two things happened. The record business surged to a new record, and Elvis Presley died.Unfair Labor Practice Charges: 8(a)(5) Repudiation/Modification of Contract[Sec 8(d)/Unilateral Changes].

Mister Cory is a American CinemaScope Eastmancolor film noir crime film directed by Blake Edwards and starring Tony Curtis, Martha Hyer, Charles Bickford and Kathryn Grant Contents 1 Plot.

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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 52 By Order of the Board of Directors, Assets of: SOMMERFELD MACHINE CO., INC.

The writer is a student in Mr. Haas's class at Northeast Elementary School in Kearney, Neb. Relay for Life in Sebring thanks many Editor: On April 26 the American Call Corey Keller now to enroll: () or enroll online at timberdesignmag.comi Lunch Bunch meets SEBRING - The. boris midney jacques morali giorgio moroder & pete bellotte vince montana lauren rinder & michael lewis cory wade Top Instrumental Group/ Orchestra 1. SALSOUL ORCHESTRA-salsoui 2. Adapted from a story by Leo Rosten, the story details the rise of Mr. Cory (Curtis) from summer-resort busboy to high-stakes gambler. Along the way, Cory uses several close associates to get ahead, including sluttish socialite Abby Vollard (Martha Hyer) and Abby's virtuous young sister Jen Reviews: 2.

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