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Submit a Review About L. Bean, you can tame the great outdoors -- or just look as if you could. The century-old outdoor apparel and gear maker mails more than million catalogs per year. Bean's library includes about 10 specialty catalogs offering products in categories such as children's clothing, fly-fishing, outerwear, sportswear, housewares, footwear, camping and hiking gear, and the Maine hunting boot upon which the company was built.

L l bean

Trina Weir April 24, at I went to the,Flagship store. Use to do that. I could have used the f difference back. Again cheap quality except for the vest. Fix it or you will go south like landsend and Kamart!!!!!!!! Leslie September 7, at 8: No, sorry, we have to draw the line somewhere she said. Then she started pulling things off of the sale rack and pushing them in my face, each time exclaiming what a great deal they were.

So I swung by the register in hopes maybe the cashier would be reasonable. I got the same response from the cashier, so then I asked the price of a tube of lip balm from a display basket, and he said 3.

The same cashier said rather forcefully that I might as well buy that lip balm so I could get the discount. I responded angrily that I may as well NOT buy that lip lip balm, placed the blouse on the counter and walked out.

All for 5 cents! And the fact that LL Bean sales people are getting so insultingly manipulative and pushy is troubling. Who is pressuring them? This is not the LL Bean I have shopped at for years, quibbling over a nickel!

Raymond tassone September 6, at 5: Maybe since sales have been flat the last 2 years you could maybe sell to a smaller but very interested type of consumer.

Charles Whitehead August 22, at 2: What is more concerning is that customer services representative Marsha is denying the second and third charges are actually on my card.

I have never had this trouble with LL Be an before — what is going wrong. I thought LL bean liked customers. Jim June 6, at 3: Thank you for putting America first and believing in protecting our citizens.

Marrs May 15, at I have been asking a simple question: I have by email and by phone. The first one, Chris, seemed very confused and kept interrupting me. The second one, Beth, kept interrupting me as well. Is common courtesy no longer important to this company?

If you are too busy to treat your caller with respect, then put the caller on hold until you have a moment. Johnson February 27, at 9: I for one will keep on buying from the company as their products and reputation have been, and will continue to exemplory.

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In fact, I plan to put them higher on my list of places to buy from. I am sick of people posting negativity, and will do my best to point out the good in people and in companies.

Keep up the good work LL Bean!

L l bean

John Valliere April 13, at 8: Hopefully, the children among us will lead the fight to correct the insane ability to kill in the name of the 2nd Amendment. The gun lobbyists own Congress.

February 19, at 8: Now trusting LL Bean because of their reputation my boots were sent to them and they were replaced. When my boots returned to me they were not the boots I sent them.The timberdesignmag.com Pop-up is coming to Saint Anselm College. Enjoy special savings on popular timberdesignmag.com footwear, outerwear and accessories.

Plus, check out our custom bootlace bar. Businessman, Mail Order Magnate, Author. He is remembered as the founder of the successful mail order company L.L. Bean. Born Leon Leonwood Bean, one of six boys, he showed an early interest in business by selling steel traps. When he was 12 years old, his parents died only four days apart and he moved to South Paris.

L.L. Bean is your place to shop if you want high-quality and comfortable, yet reasonably-priced, apparel and equipment for your outdoor adventures. The retailer sells outdoors apparel and footwear for the entire family, sporting gear, luggage, and more.

Bean (Leon Leonwood Bean) was raised to believe in were simple and deeply timberdesignmag.com timberdesignmag.com, we’ve been a trusted source for quality apparel, reliable. L.L. Bean limited-edition th anniversary outdoor gear For its th anniversary in , iconic outdoor brand L.L.

Bean will release commemorative versions of some classic Maine gear, like a limited-edition canoe, handcrafted pack baskets, and the original Maine Hunting Shoe. The L.L. Bean Credit Card has some of the similar features that I currently have on my Discover Credit Card.

Rewards from credit cards can be extremely useful 3% rewards on L.L. Bean purchases and 1% rewards on all other purchases is a great deal.

L.L. Bean rebuffs boycott over granddaughter’s big Trump donation