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If the article is based on the supposition that Elizabeth, as Queen of Australia, has power to dismiss a prime minister of Australia, is that supposition well-founded, or is a corrective edit required? If the supposition is well-founded, who would be the person constitutionally responsible for advising the Queen in such a case: In the specific case of the Whitlam dismissal the only visible person who could be held responsible for the Queen's action, if such it was, would be the G-G.

King byng affair essay help

Last Edited March 4, The King-Byng Affair was a Canadian constitutional crisis pitting the powers of a prime minister against the powers of a governor general.

The King-Byng Affair was a Canadian constitutional crisis pitting the powers of a prime minister against the powers of a governor general.

It ended with King winning an eventual election, and no governor general ever again publicly refusing the advice of a prime minister. King's Minority Government The affair began with the 29 October federal election which returned LiberalsConservatives and 28 ProgressivesLabour and Independents to Parliament.

Kingthe Liberal leader and prime minister of the previous Parliament, declined to turn power over to the Conservatives but instead met with the House of Commons to let Parliament decide who should govern, as was his right.

The new House, largely due to the support of the Progressives, backed the minority Liberal government. Their support lasted until 25 Junewhen Parliament defeated a motion to remove censure from a no confidence motion against the King government.

king byng affair essay help

Before that happened, however, King asked the governor general to dissolve Parliament and call fresh elections.

Byng declined King's advice. A request for dissolution while a motion of censure was under debate was unprecedented. Byng instead asked the opposition Conservatives—the largest single party in the House—to form a government under Arthur Meighen.

Meighen Becomes Prime Minister King resigned and informed Parliament he was no longer prime minister. Arthur Meighen and his Conservatives formed a minority government.

At the time, if a Member of Parliament was appointed to a cabinet post he had to resign his seat and seek re-election in a by-election. But Meighen did not take this approach. He gave up his own seat, but named fellow Conservatives as acting ministers, or ministers without portfolio, meaning, in his view, that they did not need to resign.

King and the Liberals argued he was wrong: The Conservatives held onto the government through four successful parliamentary votes, including one to censure the previous King government, but they lost a fifth vote. Meighen asked Byng for a dissolution and an election.

Byng granted his request. King Wins Election The election was called for 14 September Meighen campaigned by accusing the Liberals of corruption and maladministration.

King ran largely on the constitutional issue; what he framed as the interference by a British governor general with the rights of Canadians to govern themselves. The Progressives and others had 26 seats.

The Liberals would govern until the election. Constitutional Reform The King-Byng Affair played a role in the Imperial Conference ofwhich began to put legal substance behind the Balfour Report declaration that Britain and the Dominions were constitutionally "equal in status.

It clarified the powers of Dominion parliaments and granted the Dominions full legal freedom except in those areas where they chose to remain subordinate.

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Canadian governors general would hereafter always follow the advice of the Canadian prime minister.Byng King Affair History Essay Byng- King Affair In the federal election of October , King -Byng affair occurred between Governor General Julian Byng and Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, when Liberals won seats and Conservatives won in the election.

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The King–Byng affair was a Canadian constitutional crisis that occurred in , when the Governor General of Canada, the Lord Byng of Vimy, refused a request by his prime minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King, to dissolve parliament and call a general election. The King-Byng Crisis During the Federal election in October , King and Byng were both popular candidates for the federal election in October.

Byng was very popular in Canada however; people believed that his actions undermined Canadian autonomy. King byng affair essay (Military Division, essay writing teens is a Reader in Psychology at.

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king byng affair essay help

Explain the significance of the following terms, people and/or events on Canada or Canadians in the s. * Spanish Flu Epidemic * Winnipeg General Strike * One Big Union * King-Byng Affair * Chanak Crisis * Halibut Treaty * Nellie McClung.

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