Human rights violations in syria essay

According to the Syrian Center for Policy Research, an independent Syrian research organization, the death toll from the conflict as of February wasThe spread and intensification of fighting has led to a dire humanitarian crisis, with 6.

Human rights violations in syria essay

What it Means to Violate Human Rights "The 'disappearances' of detainees Human rights violations in syria essay the custody of Russian federal forces in Chechnya is a major human rights crisis that the Russian government and the international community must address.

There is now near-universal consensus that all individuals are entitled to certain basic rights under any circumstances. These include certain civil liberties and political rights, the most fundamental of which is the right to life and physical safety.

Human rights are the articulation of the need for justicetolerancemutual respect, and human dignity in all of our activity. To protect human rights is to ensure that people receive some degree of decent, humane treatment. To violate the most basic human rights, on the other hand, is to deny individuals their fundamental moral entitlements.

It is, in a sense, to treat them as if they are less than human and undeserving of respect and dignity. Examples are acts typically deemed "crimes against humanity," including genocidetorture, slavery, rape, enforced sterilization or medical experimentation, and deliberate starvation.

Because these policies are sometimes implemented by governments, limiting the unrestrained power of the state is an important part of international law. Underlying laws that prohibit the various "crimes against humanity" is the principle of nondiscrimination and the notion that certain basic rights apply universally.

Over the course of protracted conflict, assaults on political rights and the fundamental right to life are typically widespread. Some of the gravest violations of the right to life are massacres, the starvation of entire populations, and genocide.

Genocide is commonly understood as the intentional extermination of a single ethnic, racial, or religious group. Killing group members, causing them serious bodily or mental harm, imposing measures to prevent birth, or forcibly transferring children are all ways to bring about the destruction of a group.

Genocide is often regarded as the most offensive crime against humanity. The term "war crime" refers to a violation of the rules of jus in bello justice in war by any individual, whether military or civilian. For a long time, the international community has failed to address the problem of sexual violence during armed conflict.

Such crimes are motivated in part by the long-held view that women are the "spoils" of war to which soldiers are entitled. Trafficking in women is a form of sexual slavery in which women are transported across national borders and marketed for prostitution.

These so-called "comfort women" are another example of institutionalized sexual violence against women during wartime. Sexual violence is sometimes viewed as a way to destroy male and community pride or humiliate men who cannot "protect" their women.

It is also used to silence women who are politically active, or simply inflict terror upon the population at large. For example, during the s, the media reported that "rape and other sexual atrocities were a deliberate and systematic part of the Bosnian Serb campaign for victory in the war" in the former Yugoslavia.

Torture can be either physical or psychological, and aims at the "humiliation or annihilation of the dignity of the person. Torture is used in some cases as a way to carry out interrogations and extract confessions or information.

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Today, it is increasingly used as a means of suppressing political and ideological dissent, or for punishing political opponents who do not share the ideology of the ruling group. In most cases, interrogations involve threats and torture, and those who are arrested are subsequently killed.

Various lesser forms of political oppression are often enacted as well. Individuals who pose a threat to those in power or do not share their political views may be arbitrarily imprisoned, and either never brought to trial or subject to grossly unfair trial procedures.

Mass groups of people may be denied the right to vote or excluded from all forms of political participation. Or, measures restricting people's freedom of movement may be enforced.

These include forcible relocations, mass expulsions, and denials of the right to seek asylum or return to one's home. When this occurs, basic rights may be denied on the basis of religion, ethnicity, race, or gender.Human Rights In Syria (Essay Sample) Human Rights in Syria Name: Professor: Institution: Course: Date: International observers and commentaries from scholars show that human rights situation in Syria are considerably poor.

From early to Syria was under the control of France. During that period, there were concerns regarding human. Human Rights Violation in Syria Essay - Introduction Human rights are fundamental rights and freedoms that all people are entitled to regardless of nationality, sex, .

Jul 18,  · Human Rights Essay. The United Declaration Of Human Rights.

Human rights violations in syria essay

but the human rights violations in Syria are more important because they are taking human rights and violating them to where they do not feel safe or free. Most countries have human rights violations but Syria is getting really bad.

We should care about Syria because their citizens. Human rights violations in Syria include unlawful killings, sexual violence, and violations of journalistic rights. One of the human rights violations committed by the Syrian armed forces is unlawful killing of innocent civilians.

Greater United States and Russian engagement on Syria and efforts to reach a political settlement in failed to significantly reduce egregious violations of human rights and humanitarian law. Essay on Human Rights Violations in Syria - Syria is going through a civil war.

A civil war is a war with the same country inside their country. Stephen Starr says that the Civil war is between the Sunni Muslim Rebels and most of Syria's 2 million Christians under the rule of Bashar Assad. Bashar Assad is the president of Syria, he is honestly.

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