How can mtv maintain their global

Globalisation used to mean identikit high streets, May Day protests and a Starbucks on every corner.

How can mtv maintain their global

Well, perhaps not, but no company has been more successful at getting teenagers around the world to tune in to music televi- sion than MTV Networks www. Applying the maxim "Think globally, act locally," the company beams its irreverent mix of music, news, and entertainment to million homes in more than countries in 34 languages.

Although style and format are largely driven by the U. MTV has never grown old with its audience and has remained true to young people between the ages of 18 and But to counteract slowing demand, the company took the music revolution global by starting MTV Europe www.

Through its ex- periences in Europe, MTV refined its mix of programming to be- come a "global national brand with local variations. MTV broadcast primarily British and U.

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The European network was a huge overnight success. Seven years later, however, MTV had become the victim of its own success. It suddenly had to compete with a new crop of upstart rivals that tailored content to language, culture, and current events in specific countries.

But they did realize they were losing their edge and some customers to the new national networks.

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Because they had spent almost two decades building a global brand identity, MTV executives initially rejected the idea of split- ting MTV into national stations.

But the company gradually decided to go ahead with a national strategy because a new tech- nology made it possible for MTV to think globally and act locally at little cost.

The breakthrough was digital compression technol- ogy, which allows multiple services to be offered on a single satel- lite feed.

European nations that still share an MTV channel are those that share cultural similarities—such as the Nordic nations www.

National advertisers who shunned MTV during its pan-European days can now beam their targeted ads to teenage consumers.

InMTV launched a new website www. Both famous and not-so-famous musicians can sell music and merchandise on their own page and even book a gig. Fans can "tip" performers using virtual tip jars. Technology has really interrupted a lot of the traditional methods through which artists sold product and built their careers.

Some people outside the United States say teens exposed to large doses of U. Are there dangers in broadcasting U. Digital compression technology made it possible for MTV to program across a global network.A global strategy is a strategy that can be used when a company decides to expand their operations abroad to achieve competitive advantage and superior profitability.

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It . "Global warming" refers to an increase in Earth's annually averaged air temperature near the surface. Thermometer readings are collected from many thousands of weather stations around the world—over land and ocean—and then used to produce a global average temperature for each year.

Nov 19,  · · MTV Network's, Vice President Public Responsibility, Alicin Reidy will discuss how companies can use the power of their brands for successful awareness raising campaigns on issues relating to corporate social and environmental responsibility.

Young voters, with few exceptions, have struggled to maintain interest in politics over the last half century. Just 15 percent of eligible voters ages 18 to 20 cast . As the economic spotlight shifts to developing markets, global companies need new ways to manage their strategies, people, costs, and risks.

Managing global organizations has been a business challenge for centuries.

How can mtv maintain their global

But the nature of the task is changing with the accelerating shift of economic. Moved Permanently. The document has moved here.

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