Gcse german healthy living coursework

We are a small, but perfectly formed department! We are also very fortunate to have a full time native speaker language assistant, who works mainly with Year 12 and Year This year her name is Melanie Egger and she comes from Innsbruck in Austria.

Gcse german healthy living coursework

Smart cities could improve our lives Experimentation with smart cities has only recently commenced but it could be used to help fight crime, reduce the hassle of commuting, and improve the overall quality of life.

But recently the Italian city has gained celebrity for a much more modern reason: The sensors were able to measure the carbon monoxide levels, air temperature and humidity, vibrations and noise among other factors. One node was equipped with a Benzene sensor to measure air quality.

The results make for interesting reading and the information collected gives way to a variety of potential uses of the information. For example, a storm which brought an increase in humidity caused a traffic build up which led to an increase in air pollution, then a drop-off as traffic began to flow again.

Another anomaly which appeared was a flickering public street light.

Gcse german healthy living coursework

Information such as this can be used to inform public administrators of similar problems immediately, rather than problems going unsolved for days, weeks or even months causing disruption to citizens. Songdo in South Korea is a city which was purpose-built from the ground up to be a smart city.

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The city is situated on land reclaimed from the sea, 40 percent of which is open green area and still has space for 80, apartments and million square feet of office space according to Forbes.

With more than 80 percent of the population of North America living in urban areas, cities there have also trialled smart city techniques in attempts to improve the quality of life and the services provided to citizens.

In parts of Brooklyn and the Bronx in New York, and Camden in New Jersey, gunshot detecting sensors were installed in an attempt to deal with gun crime according to Business Insider. With a recent report from Cisco that the population of cities is set to rise by 70 percent to 6.You are currently using guest access ()Pentrehafod School Homepage; Swansea Edunet Home; Schools; Friday, 16 November , The GCSE German specification will naturally enhance the European and global awareness of candidates.

Similarly, opportunities will naturally arise to explore the The GCSE specification in German will enable learners to: family, friends, home life, shopping, meals, healthy living, illness and accident, free time, fashion, relationships.

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Coursework mats: Profile of a famous person Side A Side B (MS Word KB, KB) Account of a holiday GCSE Coursework Mark Scheme (MS Word 47 KB) Good coursework phrases Healthy living writing frame (MS Word KB) Current and previous exercise habits. Westwood College VLE. Home; Courses; Languages; Year 10; Course categories.

GCSE German: Unit 1a Home Life: Lesson 2 - Starter Look at the list of household items in which in the wardrobe. in the living room. in the garage. in the bathroom.

French Speaking Assessment Gcse Holidays and healthy living. Holidays –Where are you going to go, with whom, Coursework (15% of the total GCSE marks, recorded Expo Foundation and Higher Text book GCSE French, Clive Bell and Rosi McNab . January GERMAN GCSE REVISION PLAN. Prepared for Name and Form. This is your revision timetable for German which has been devised to cover everything and pace your revision over the weeks prior to the exam between. Court Moor New GCSE German. Welcome to Memrise! Join millions of people who are already learning for free on Memrise! It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s mind-bogglingly effective.

in a bathtub. in the shower | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view. We think getting a healthy, balanced diet is really important. Try using this resource to help your children get familiar with the different food groups and which ones they should eat a lot of, which they should eat some of, and which they should only eat a little of.

The resource features three plates and a selection of different cut-out foods for your children to sort onto according to how.

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