Essay about interesting place in penang

Below you will find Jolin's award-winning essay called 'My Dream Holiday'. My Dream Holiday in Penang I stepped outside on my balcony at my hotel. It had sun chairs to sunbathe on and was surrounded by railings. I clung on to the shiny metal railings and looked outside.

Essay about interesting place in penang

The park, spanning 2, The park also conserves the diverse terrestrial habitats in the area including the rare meromictic lake, mangroves, mudflats and a vast hill dipterocarp forest.

There are also a number of sandy beaches within the park which are important nesting spots for marine turtles. A total of 36 mammals, 44 reptiles and diverse species of insects and amphibians inhabit the park.

Among them are slow loris, flying lemur, civet cats, sea otters, pangolins, dolphins, monkeys and a few species of turtles.

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Bird enthusiasts will have a field day watching the antics of the fascinating white-bellied sea-eagle, stork-billed kingfishers, egrets and other species of birds. The plant species here are dominated by the Dipterocarpaceae, Leguminoceae, Aponyceae, Euphorbiaceae and Moraceae famillies.

Among the trees and plants that populate the park are Chengal, Meranti, Seraya, Jelutong, Gaharu, Tongkat Ali, five species of Bintangor, palms, pitcher plants, meromictic flora, climbers, fungi and mangrove.

Its many attractions include a unique seasonal meromictic lake that contains permanently stratified fresh water and seawater layers.

Its total area is estimated to be approximately 2. The sandy stretch of Pantai Kerachut and Pantai Kampi at the park are also favourite nesting places of the Green and Oliver Ridley turtles. The Irrawaddy and Bottlenose dolphins can sometimes be seen swimming along the coastline too.

Built in and standing metres above sea level, the historic Muka Head Lighthouse is located within the park and is still operational. The lighthouse can be reached by following a steep jungle trail that offers a beautiful view of the Straits of Malacca. Apart from the recreational and ecotourism activities such as climbing, trekking, swimming and wildlife observation, the park also offers vast opportunities for research and education.

The Penang National Park is proud to have one of only three such lakes existing in Asia. The meromictic lake is a kind of lake where fresh and salt water creatures co-exist in two different layers. The bottom layer is made up of warm salt water from the sea while the upper layer comprises of cool and fresh water from the rivers and rain.

However, it is not a phenomenon that you can witness daily. It happens only during the May to November monsoon season.

During this period, strong winds and powerful waves cause the salty sea water to flood into the lake while simultaneously blocking the outflow of the fresh lake water into the sea.

Enjoy it best with a swim and experience the pleasant feeling of both warm salt water and cool fresh water all over your skin. During low tides and dry seasons, the lake becomes a field of mudflats.

An experienced nature guide explained that for those who like to do facials, the mud itself is a natural ingredient to sooth our skin. So, even if you visit the lake during the low tide, you can enjoy a mud spa and examine the natural creatures present there such as the small crabs.

Here, you will have opportunity to see some unique species of turtles such as the Green turtle Chelonia Mydas and Olive Ridley turtle Lepidochelys Olivacea.

Essay about interesting place in penang

These are among the world's smallest species of sea turtles, which regularly visit Pantai Kerachut to lay their eggs. During the guided tour, visitors will know all about the conservation efforts being implemented to prevent turtle extinction.

It is interesting to know that more male turtles are needed in the turtle ecosystem to improve reproduction capacity of female turtles.

Towards this end, efforts are made to control the temperature of the nesting site to ensure a cool environment and low temperatures believed to encourage more male hatchlings. Visitors can also take part in the turtle release sessions, though these have to be arranged well in advance.

It is a fun experience and you will also realise that time of release also plays a crucial role towards the survival of these baby turtles. Their best best for survival is for them to be released into the sea at night when fewer predators can spot them. Pantai Kerachut You will be impressed by the beaches of Pantai Kerachut.


Its white sands shimmer blindingly in the day time. Unlike other beaches, the sand here is of a fine quality grain that is not at all sticky and is easily removed from the skin. Perfect for lying on to catch the perfect tan, or to build a sandcastle.

Photography enthusiasts are advised to bring along extra memory sticks for there are plenty of camera-worthy scenes to capture here. It is about 30 km 45 minutes ride from George Town, which is located approximately km north of Kuala Lumpur.

Nov 02,  · Tourists marked Malaysia as an interesting place to visit. They poured in from many different countries, especially from the European countries, to Malaysia. This is because they love the hot sun and the climate in Malaysia. The Interesting Place in Malaysia by zapel. The Interesting Place in Malaysia. Search Search. Upload. Sign In. Join. Home. Saved. PENANG A’ FAMOSA - MELAKA • A’Famosa is one of the oldest historical Essay. Uploaded by. Thilagavathy Murugan. . COMPARE AND CONTRAST ESSAY. The distance from Penang to Cameron Highlands is takes five hours but for the Teluk Kemang it takes 7 or 8 hours because Teluk Kemang is at Negeri Sembilan. So, from my point of view, I prefer to have a vacation at Cameron Highlands than Teluk Kemang. Inside Pahang there are many interesting places.

The Penang National Park is open daily from 8. For the time being, the entrance to the park is free but visitors must register at the Park Information and Registration Counter to get their entry pass or permit.

Those interested in camping must book in advance with the park management.The streets of Penang city (especially Georgetown) are renowned as a food paradise mainly due to its diversity in ethnicity, culture and religion. Its multi-ethnicity brings forth such celebrated variety in Penang's street and hawker food.

Port Dickson Attractions - Port Dickson is an area with oodles of sightseeing opportunities. From the popular beaches of Teluk Kemang to the botanical treasures of the Tanjung Tuan forest reserve, visitors will be spoilt for choice with the sightseeing that these shores have to offer.

Feb 02,  · The largest procession in the country takes place at Batu Caves, north of Kuala Lumpur. Devotees carry decorated altars or kavadi up a flight of steps towards the temple, all this while also having spears and hooks pierced through various parts of their Resolved.

Essay about interesting place in penang

The Day Which Was Spent Around Penang Island Essay. I have chosen to tour around Penang Island which is the place where I was born during my last semester break - The Day Which Was Spent Around Penang Island Essay introduction.

Penang Island might be small but it is definitely one of the hottest tourist site for tourist around the world. Apr 24,  · School Field Trips Malaysia-style Interesting perspective of Malaysia and US school trips.

I still remember the school trips back in my school days, It was one of the best if not the best day in the whole calender year. Penang is one of my favourite places, and school trips you described sound amazing! I would love to go to. Top 20 Places to Sightsee in Penang #1.

Admire the hardwork of the early Chinese immigrants, particularly Yeap Chor Ee During the Chinese New Year, the place is decked up with flowers, paper packets and lanterns.

The temple, dedicated to Lord Buddha, is .

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