Dangers on the road

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Dangers on the road

September 06, Since the road passes through two other adjacent sanctuaries - Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu and Wayanad in Kerala - the verdict, in effect, extends protection to these sanctuaries.

Splitting habitats Road kills are quite common in roads passing through forests.

Dangers on the road

Last February we were driving along the road from Coonoor to Kotagiri early one morning. Where the road passes through a shola we found a fresh road kill, a Brown civet cat, a rare nocturnal predator endemic to the Western Ghats. In a similar incident a few years ago, I came across the carcass of a Malabar civet, now feared extinct, near Karwar on the highway that runs along the seacoast.

Road kill is just one of the many problems that come up when a highway passes through a wildlife habitat. A road splits the habitat into two; forcing many of the inhabitants to cross the road during their peregrination in search of food, water or a mate, risking their lives, like the cat we saw that morning.

Roads often run through migratory routes, exposing the itinerant herds to danger. Patches of forests that had remained inviolate for eons are opened to human depredation and the roads change their very nature.

Careless travellers start forest fires causing immense damage. Domestic cattle that move here pass on contagious diseases to wildlife, which has no immunity to certain illnesses. Few years ago a rinderpest epidemic wiped out thousands of Gaur in the Mudumalai-Bandipur stretch.

Roads facilitate ruthless exploitation of the forests by big companies. However, roads are necessary and many arteries like the highway from Guwahati to Jorhat that runs through Kaziranga National Park were laid long before we had any idea of wildlife conservation.

In such a situation what we can do is to control the traffic in these roads. In some sanctuaries, the road is closed for traffic after sun down.

Or an alternate route can be provided. The traffic in the state highway D that cuts through Nagerhole National Park will soon be diverted through an alternate route that skirts the park.

The new route is longer by only three km. Another step is to ensure that new roads are not laid inside prime forests. Some years earlier there was a proposal to lay a road connecting Papanasam in Tamil Nadu with Thiruvananthapuram.

It would have cut across the pristine forest area of Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Sanctuary. Fortunately the idea was dropped. Occasionally we hear talk of a railway line through the Sathyamangalam forests.

We should bear in mind that the railway lines passing through the Gir Sanctuary and the Rajaji National Park routinely take their toll of wildlife. Between Coimbatore and Palakkad, at least seven elephants have been killed in the past two years. Trains can be slowed down in these stretches and the drivers can hoot if necessary too.

All this needs some serious inter-departmental coordination, a factor rare in our country. Risking life Even the animals seem to know the risk they face when crossing these roads.

Recently a group of wild-lifers was motoring from Bandipur to Mudumalai one evening when one spotted a tiger in a lantana bush by the roadside.

They reversed the jeep and switched off the engine. The cat waited in the bush for a considerable time for the road to be clear of any traffic.

Dangers on the road

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A gray rhino is a highly probable. Distraction Tops Drivers’ List of Growing Dangers on the Road WASHINGTON, D.C.

(Mar. 29, ) ― Distracted driving tops drivers’ list of growing dangers on the road, according to a new survey from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

The research was spurned by the Brazilian Collegiate Board of Directors of the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), who advocated in for evaluations of toxicity and pathogenicity of microbiological control agents such as Bt, given that little is known about their toxicological potential in non-target organisms, including humans.

Danger On The Road. Cell phone and car charger. Flashlight and matches. Flares. Water and protein bars. First Aid Kit. Sand and a shovel - In case you get stuck in the snow.

Then you would put the sand underneath the tire and rock your way out. A hazard can be any possible source of danger on or near the road that could lead to a crash, and it can come from any direction.

It clears our roads, but also spells danger for fish, moose—and sometimes humans

It could be a: child chasing a ball onto the road. parked car door opening. vehicle merging into your lane or stopping suddenly in front of you. slippery road surface after rain.

#2 Danger: Food and Water Someone had mentioned mosquitoes as being the second biggest danger to foreigners in the Philippines (malaria and dengue) but after some back and forth, we decided on food and water being the greater immediate danger.

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