Anger management thesis

Everybody feels anger from time to time. People have been documented feeling anger since biblical times when God was considered angry. Babies even exhibit signs that are interpreted as anger, such as crying or screaming.

Anger management thesis

A New Vernacular I believe that the definitions used in the sport psychology field regarding anger and violence require streamlining. As we go through relevant terminology and definitions that I think should be standardized if for no other reason than to have pragmatic language that people can agree onI will explain why I have made refinements to previously used terms.

Anger Anger management thesis is a normal emotion. Anger is neither good nor bad, and no judgment need be attached to it. Some people believe that a problem arises if a person becomes angry.

This idea is not true. To pass judgment on anger and condemn those who admit to becoming angry is the equivalent of robbing people of their humanness. Disallowing oneself from any part of the human experience weakens the experience in its totality. Sadness gives a reference point that makes happiness more appreciated.

Tension can be better understood when compared with relaxation. It is about time we stopped making value judgments about anger.

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No one has ever gotten in trouble for becoming angry. You could be furious right now, but no one would know it unless you demonstrated some behavior associated with the anger. The belief that anger is bad is so strongly engrained that people will sometimes deny its existence even when it is spilling out all over the place.

Truth be told, anger can be harnessed and used as fuel to assist in performance. Can it interfere with performance? Does it have to? I have helped athletes compete harder with greater intensity for longer periods, motivated by their anger.

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The issue is not a matter of eliminating anger; it is a matter of keeping it at a level where it assists, not detracts from, performance. Studies have shown that as anger increases, cognitive processing speed goes down, fine motor coordination and sensitivity to pain decrease, and muscle strength often increases.

So for some athletes doing some tasks, anger can be helpful. For example, the defensive lineman who must make his way past a blocker to make a tackle might benefit from having some level of anger. For other tasks, anger would be a hindrance. The quarterback who needs to read the defense before deciding which receiver to throw to would likely perform better if he was not angry.Anger management must begin with a few questions such as what is anger, when do anger problems begin, why do people get angry, and how can we fix this anger problem we have.

You may think you know what anger is, your saying to your self know that it is an emotion that accurrs when you are disappointed, upset, or confessed. Anger management is a therapeutic approach designed to help people respond to anger with appropriate behavior. It reduces the possibility of harm due to anger.

You will receive anger management techniques but I will also meticulously attend to your unique story to get to the bottom of your inflammable and difficult to manage anger.

Anger management thesis

I write about anger and anger management and the stories are constructed from my personal, research, clinical and professional experiences. words doctorate thesis. Published: Tue, 19 Dec Abstract.

This project discusses the causes, effects and coping strategies surrounding anger in children. Anger is a natural emotion but children often lack the social and verbal capacity to describe their emotions or to develop appropriate coping mechanisms.

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