An introduction to the analysis of basketball players

Basketball was once the source of this athlete's fame and prestige. Flick was once the best basketball player in the area.

An introduction to the analysis of basketball players

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Abstract Basketball players usually score points during the game using the jump shot. For this reason, the jump shot is considered to be the most important element of technique in basketball and requires a high level of performance.

The aim of this study was to compare the biomechanical characteristics of the lower limbs during a jump shot without the ball and a countermovement jump without an arm swing. The differences between variables provide information about the potential that an athlete can utilise during a game when performing a jump shot.

The variables measured included the take-off time, mean power, peak power, relative mean power, jump height, maximum landing force and calculated impact ratio. Surprisingly, more advantageous variables were found for the jump shot. This finding suggests a very high performance level in the jump shot in the studied group and a maximum utilisation of their motor abilities.

Both types of jumps were characterised by high mean and peak power values and average heights. The high forces at landing, which result in considerable impact ratios, may have prompted the studied group to land softly.

In an attempt to do so, an athlete might perform a jump shot, set shot, layup or a free throw. As the discipline has evolved and more athletic players have practised this sport discipline, defence has become increasingly efficient.

This movement must be automated so that, regardless of the external factors, the player achieves maximum repeatability Kornecki et al. The factors that affect the height at which a shot is performed include the shooter body height, jump height and arrangement of body parts Miller and Bartlett, When a player is covered by an aggressive defender, his aim is to perform the shot at the highest possible release point.

Additionally, the shot must reach that release point in the shortest time frame. These factors result in an extension of the body in players performing the jump shot Rojas et al. Therefore, the focus of prior studies was on the shooting technique rather than the motor abilities of the shooter.

In-depth analyses of the free throw have also been conducted Tran and Silverberg, An analysis of the ground reaction forces generated by basketball players during a shot provides information concerning the phases of take-off and landing McClay et al.

Poetic Style in "Ex-Basketball Player"

Learning a soft landing technique is essential for basketball players, despite the use of well-cushioned footwear Brizuela et al. Hard landing causes an excessive load on the lower limbs which may potentially exceed the body weight by several timeswhich in effect can lead to local overload and injuries.

Therefore, it is important that a player absorbs the shock by flexing his lower limbs during landing and does not land on extended legs.

An introduction to the analysis of basketball players

An earlier contact of the heel with the ground increases the impact force, which is why midfoot landing is preferred over landing with the whole foot DeVita and Skelly, ; Bober et al.

The shooting techniques of different basketball players seem similar, although the differences are sufficiently significant to the point that each player can be considered to have a unique shooting style.

This observed phenomenon is due to different length proportions between upper body segments Kornecki et al.

Furthermore, a shooting technique often resulting from a particularity of external factors, e.An Analysis of Basketball Players' Movements in the Slovenian Basketball League Play-Offs 79 System setup for later analysis.

The new generation of the system provides a method for the fast and simple transfer of digital data directly from a DVD disc to a computer's hard drive. BIOMECHANICAL ANALYSIS OF BASKETBALL FREE THROW SHOOTING Steve Bradley and Joel R.

Martin INTRODUCTION point of the shot.

An introduction to the analysis of basketball players

The free-throw shot is a motion that most players will perform tens or even hundreds of thousands. Basketball Essay Examples.

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We cut, tag, and stat every play and return it in as little as 12 hours. Mar 28,  · Introduction. Traditionally, preparing basketball teams to succeed in competition was a complex process that was based on players’ fitness levels and anthropometric characteristics (Sampaio et al., ).Nowadays, coaches prepare the competition and training process using notational analysis with the scope of improving both the team’s and the players’ performances (Hughes and Franks.

The chief problem with this sort of analysis is that it ignores the pace at which these teams play. Texas A&M played at an extremely slow pace last season, averaging possessions per game.

Using Statistics to Evaluate Basketball Players