A history of augustus an english mathematician logician and bibliographer

After early education in the west of England, he entered Trinity College, Cambridge, in and graduated fourth wrangler in

A history of augustus an english mathematician logician and bibliographer

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Seven months after the birth of Augustus, Colonel De Morgan brought his wife, daughter and infant son to England, where he left them during a subsequent period of service in India, dying in on his way home. Augustus De Morgan received his early education in several private schools, and before the age of fourteen years had learned Latin, Greek and some Hebrew, in addition to acquiring much general knowledge.

At the age of sixteen years and a half he entered Trinity College, Cambridge, and studied mathematics, partly under the tuition of Sir G. In he gained a Trinity scholarship.

He was prevented from taking his M. At the early age of twenty-two he gave his first lecture as professor of mathematics in the college which he served with the utmost zeal and success for a third of a century.

His connexion with the college, indeed, was interrupted inwhen a disagreement with the governing body caused De Morgan and some other professors to resign their chairs simultaneously. When, inhis successor was accidentally drowned, De Morgan was requested to resume the professorship.

In he married Sophia Elizabeth, daughter of William Frend, a Unitarian in faith, a mathematician and actuary in occupation, a notice of whose life, written by his son-in-law, will be found in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society vol.


They settled in Chelsea 30 Cheyne Rowwhere in later years Mrs De Morgan had a large circle of intellectual and artistic friends. As a teacher of mathematics De Morgan was unrivalled. He gave instruction in the form of continuous lectures delivered extempore from brief notes.

The most prolonged mathematical reasoning, and the most intricate formulae, were given with almost infallible accuracy from the resources of his extraordinary memory. Many of his pupils have distinguished themselves, and, through Isaac Todhunter and E.

A history of augustus an english mathematician logician and bibliographer

Routh, he had an important influence on the later Cambridge school. For thirty years he took an active part in the business of the Royal Astronomical Society, editing its publications, supplying obituary notices of members, and for eighteen years acting as one of the honorary secretaries.

He was also frequently employed as consulting actuary, a business in which his mathematical powers, combined with sound judgment and business-like habits, fitted him to take the highest place.

His memoirs on the "Foundation of Algebra," in the 7th and 8th volumes of the Cambridge Philosophical Transactions, contain some of the most important contributions which have been made to the philosophy of mathematical method; and Sir W. Rowan Hamilton, in the preface to his Lectures on Quaternions, refers more than once to those papers as having led and encouraged him in the working out of the new system of quaternions.

A history of augustus an english mathematician logician and bibliographer

The work on [[ Trigonometry]] and Double Algebra contains in the latter part a most luminous and philosophical view of existing and possible systems of symbolic calculus. In appeared the first edition of his well-known Elements of Arithmetic, which did much to raise the character of elementary training.

It is distinguished by a simple yet thoroughly philosophical treatment of the ideas of number and magnitude, as well as by the introduction of new abbreviated processes of computation, to which De Morgan always attributed much practical importance.

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Second and third editions were called for in and ; a sixth edition was issued in Several of his mathematical works were published by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, of which De Morgan was at one time an active member.

Among these may be mentioned the Treatise on the Differential and Integral Calculus ; the Elementary Illustrations of the Differential and Integral Calculus, first published inbut often bound up with the larger treatise; the essay, On the Study and Difficulties of Mathematics ; and a brief treatise on Spherical Trigonometry By some accident the work on probability in the same series, written by Sir J.AUGUSTUS DE MORGAN (), English mathematician and logician, was born in June , at Madura, in the Madras presidency.

His father, Colonel John De Morgan, was employed in the East India Company's service, and his grand ' father and great-grandfather had . Augustus De Morgan Essay Examples. 5 total results. A Biography of Augustus de Morgan, the Logical One. words. 2 pages. A History of Augustus an English Mathematician, Logician and Bibliographer.

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De Morgan, Augustus () A famous English mathematician, de Morgan was one of the first English scientists who investigated the phenomena of Spiritualism and became convinced of its paranormal nature. He was born in in Madura, Madras, India.

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De Morgan, Augustus

Ada Lovelace: Ada Lovelace, English mathematician, She was educated privately by tutors and then self-educated but was helped in her advanced studies by mathematician-logician Augustus De Morgan, Computer History Museum - Biography of Ada Lovelace; MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive - Biography of Augusta Ada King, countess of.

History of Mathematics According to Notable Names Data Base, Augustus De Morgan, English mathematician and logician, was born in June , at Madura, in the Madras presidency. One marked It ranks second only to the Bible as the most published book in history.

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